Serving Those Who Serve

Due to security concerns, Destination addresses (APOs, FPOs, etc.) are not posted online (and we ask that other sites do the same.) Also, confirm that your “adoptees” have not moved before sending packages. Please contact Gretchen for addresses.
Congratulations to all of the chapters that are “Serving Those Who Serve”. Thank you to all of the chapters that have committed to running the Pet Project. I am very proud of your commitment to our US troops. We have some very exciting incentives (other than the POS points) to share with you at conference. Please keep me posted of your projects so I can make sure you are recognized. Thanks again, Florida Jaycees for telling our men and women in uniform that we are proud to be Americans and we are proud of them.

First Lady Lisa

Government Involvement

Monthly projects: Each month we will focus on a new way to support our military. Guide lines for each quarter will be in Gator Notes and online (They are not carved in stone, but this way the Florida Jaycees will be able to make a greater impact if we concentrate on the same areas at the same time.) These efforts include:

March– Easter Baskets!! Fill with beef Jerky, microwave popcorn, videos, comic books, etc.

April– Cinco de Mayo & Mothers Day!! We want to send troops a HUGE Party! Cans of Nacho cheese, gallons of salsa, tortilla chips, piņatas, music! We want them to forget where they and know we have not forgotten them! Send unused mothers day cards so they can be sent home to wives & moms.

Adopt-A-Platoon(AAP)– Each region will be able to adopt it’s own platoon and rotate monthly support shipments between its chapters. Security is of great importance with this project, each chapter should appoint ONE person to coordinate mailings from the group. This is a 6 month commitment. AAP is a non-profit organization that links platoons of soldiers with civic groups that agree to send some sort of comfort each month. Community Fundrasing: If your chapter wishes to raise money for AAP, they are a 501c(3) with full nonprofit status and any donations to them are tax deductible!!!

Grab & Go Libraries– This could be big!!! Grab & Go libraries are located in the deployment area of airport terminals. When a service member has unloaded his/her gear but is still in that “hurry up & wait” mode that is so prevalent they can just garb a book off a shelf and take it with them to parts unknown. No strings attached, no return necessary. Just one of these is currently in operation in Ft. Stewart, Ga. and is supported through our local book drive! Senator Nelson’s office has contacted us about starting to more Grab & Go Libraries, one in Camp Rhino, Afghanistan and another in Ramstein Air Base in Germany. We are currently awaiting final approval from the Pentagon in Washington, DC.

Project Keep In Touch– Collect & send unused greeting cards to troops! They can inscribe them and send them home to their loved ones! I love you, I miss you, Happy Birthday Kids cards are in huge demand! There are no “Hallmark” stores down range! One thing troops really fear is that their young children will forget who they are. Sending a nice children’s’ card does wonders for the soldier and his/her child!

International Involvement

Operation Crayon: This is an effort that sends toys and school supplies to our troops in Bosnia, they in turn distribute the supplies to orphanages in their immediate area! This helps the kids of a war torn country and provides our troops with a goodwill offering for their area.

Incentives: Chapters will receive 10 POS points MAX for (1) Serving Those who Serve, per month. Also, ALL chapters who participate will be put in for a drawing to will a US flag that has been flown over the capitol building in Washington DC. Drawing will be held at year-end conference (Confirmation of each project is needed. Make sure you get it to me so you can get those POS points and awards!!!)

Login osg777 These are just suggestions, please don’t be limited by them. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! The only thing you have to do is let me know what your doing! Get credit where credit is due!!

Gretchen Blade, State Chairman (email)