About Jaycees

  1. We support what our communities needs not some huge faceless organization. If a neighboor family house burned down and they had no insurance we could do Local projects to help them. We also do State projects and National projects.
    Think globally. Act locally!
  2. We help the individuals in our organization acquire skills not available anywhere else. see areas of opportunities
  3. We have no political or religious orientation – we are open to everyone our age (18 – 41) committed to success.

By participating in projects that interest you, you will gain an inner satisfaction that results in helping others. Plus, you have the opportunity to better your professional self through business development seminars at conventions, management skills training, individual training, community service, international connections, and networking within the group.

Personal Skills Competitions
The Individual Competition Program is designed to help promote the skills of our members in the areas of speaking, writing, debating, and interviewing. These competitions help members become more confident in presenting themselves verbally and in written format; skills that can be transferred to a member’s personal and professional life. We select one representative for each skill through a statewide competition. There is only one representative per competition per state.

Jaycee Idol competition is held at the Annual Meeting and provides Jaycees the opportunity to showcase their singing abilities. Its format is similar to talent competitions on national television.

Speak-Up competition is held to determine the most outstanding speakers in The U.S. Junior Chamber for that year. The first place winner must deliver his or her winning prepared speech at the general assembly meeting following the announcement of winners.

Write-Up competition determines the most outstanding writers in The U.S. Junior Chamber for that year. The winning essay from the Year-End Meeting competition is published in the official publication of The U.S. Junior Chamber.

Jaycee Debate competition determines the most outstanding debate team in the organization for that year. The first place Debate winners at the Year-End Meeting may represent the organization at the World Debating Competition. This competition is held during the JCI World Congress.

Jaycee Jeopardy is a question-and-answer contest dealing mainly with the history of the Junior Chamber organization, its officers, goals, and activities. Finalists are selected from all contestants and from the finalist round, up to five winners will be selected.

Master’s Speak-Up competition provides eligible state officers and local chapter presidents the opportunity to compete while in office. The format and judging procedure for this competition is the same as for the Speak-Up competition. The first-place winner must deliver his or her speech at the general assembly meeting following the announcement of winners.

Local Community Projects
Haunted Houses & Trails (supports local projects)
Toys for Tots for local children
Thanksgiving baskets for local recepients
Bachelor or Ladies Auctions
International Beer Fest
Check out your Local Chapter Web Site for more

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Foundation for Dreams
The Mission of the Foundation for Dreams, Inc. and Dream Oaks Camp is to provide fun, educational, and recreational experiences in an outdoor camp environment to enhance the lives of children ages 7-17 with physical and developmental disabilities and serious illnesses.

more projects and descriptions coming soon

National Projects
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Jaycees Agains Youth Smoking (JAYS)
This is a free, educational program that goes directly into elementary and middle school classrooms to teach children about the dangers of smoking and to help them make the informed decision to be smoke free.

Ten Outstanding Young Americans (TOYA)
This awards program exists to recognize and honor ten Americans each year who exemplify the best attributes of the nation’s young people,aged 18 through 39. Winners are selected on their achievement or contribution in at least three categories ranging from community service to business, from entertainment to personal accomplishment.

Junior Chamber Family AIDS Network
Mobilizing communities for effective solutions that support and enhance the lives of children and families living with HIV/AIDS is the mission of this project. This is lived out through a national network of local service providers.